• Raising Beef, Living on Chicken — Alpha Gal Syndrome

    It was late September 2020 when after mowing a tall patch of grass on the farm my torso became covered in chigger bites. A couple of weeks later, I realized I couldn’t stop scratching all over my body. I attributed the constant scratching to the reason the bug bites on my stomach would not seem […]

  • Dog Costumes and Frito Chili Pies

    My Someone and I hosted our annual party this past weekend. I say annual party with no particular theme involved. You see, after our wedding, My Someone quickly realized his wife personality was “go big or go home” when it came to party planning and hosting. My creative driven mind and obsessive attention to detail […]

  • “That girl” on Flight 2137

    Do you ever have those moments when you ask yourself, “Why am I such a walking disaster?” I mean, I try like Hell to be coordinated and ladylike (despite the swear word in the beginning of this sentence). My parents paid for years of dance lessons and gymnastics. I look at my maternal genetic lineage […]

  • What I Learned My First Two Months of Marriage

    A few of you just snorted at the title, I could feel it… futuristically feel it, that is. ‘Two months little girl? Try 25 years.’ Don’t worry my marriage veterans, I’m not here to tell you I have this whole “till death do us part” thing figured out, I’m here to tell you what I’ve […]

  • If He Coordinates His Rope Color Just for You… Marry Him.

    Today marks our one year. In a way, it seems a little silly to be celebrating a one year anniversary when we are getting married in exactly one month and one day and the whole anniversary thing will be completely changed. But, in my dating history I’ve only made it consecutively to one year ONE […]

  • Wearing White

    I’ve been putting off wedding dress shopping. I’ve picked out the flower girl’s dresses, my bridesmaids attire, my dad, My Someone’s dad and the groomsmen’s tuxes, the ushers outfits and even My Someone’s wedding attire, but in every way possible I’ve been avoiding trying on a wedding dress. My sister was the opposite, the weekend […]

  • Fifteen Ways

    Pioneer Woman started it, I swear. I saw a picture of Hereford cows and was sucked in immediately to whatever else was in the article. But… it wasn’t about my favorite bovine breed, it was about mush stuff. Her article “15 ways Marlboro Man and I are different” was exactly what the title leads it […]

  • Silver Lining

    “Oklahoma is the heart, it’s the vital organ, of our national existence.” – Will Rogers, 29 May 1926 Over 50 tornadoes touched down in my home state yesterday. Lives were lost, many were injured. Sometimes there just aren’t words to say what you want to say. As I spent, my afternoon yesterday glued to the […]

  • Walk a mile in someone else’s TOMS

    Like any other Monday I woke up, let Oliver outside to run for a bit, and began to get ready for work. Then I realized the two weeks of Project Vegan are over. I had made it past the headaches, crankiness, the dark circles under my eyes, my skin turning blue (Iron deficiency, take your […]

  • Preachin’ Vegan and Q&A

    Waking up late for work… Getting notifications for some not-so-nice comments on blog… Spilling my oatmeal all over the front seat of my car… Managing to spread said oatmeal onto EVERY surface of my car… And getting to work and realizing I was about to miss one of my own deadlines… Thursday came in like […]