The Grilled Cheeserie – A Love Story

If there is one thing that always rings true for me, it is that I am obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I know, that is such a low-key item, and easy to come by, but I love them SO MUCH.

Nashville is about two hours from our home, so not too far, but just far enough we don’t know all the ins and outs of the town ….yet. I stumbled across The Grilled Cheeserie while searching online for somewhere to eat before we saw Aaron Watson at the Opry right before Valentines Day.

With traffic it was just a tic too far to go, eat and get to the show on time so we settled for something else that night, but Grilled Cheese goodness never left the back of my mind.

Enter my 27th birthday.

I was returning home from AgVocacy Forum in San Antonio, running on two and a half hours of sleep wanting something special as a birthday “treat yo self” before my two hour drive home from the Nashville airport.

Deciding it would be the perfect time to try The Grilled Cheeserie I made my way to a fun part of Nashville that is filled with cute little stores and fun looking eatery’s.

Even in my sleep deprived state, this pit stop DID NOT disappoint. First, it’s as cute as can be. I instantly liked it just walking inside. I decided, since a girl only turns 27 once I’d get something a little fancier than a plain grilled cheese and tomato soup and opted for the Roasted Red Pepper + Tomato Soup and Spinach & Artichoke Melt — swiss-gruyere blend, marinated artichokes + housemade spinach dip with parmesano reggiano, white wine, garlic and leeks on rosemary garlic bread.

I’m always a little self conscious to whip out my phone and hold a food photoshoot when dining by myself, but I did grab this.


Basically, the Heavens opened and choirs of angels sang with each bite. It was comfort food divine.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get better, The Grilled Cheeserie also has a milkshake bar. I was so full by the time I finished my dinner I couldn’t imagine drinking one, but my gosh they were beautiful.

I write this now, a week after my visit, as someone who decided for Lent would go on Whole30, so I basically gave up everything in that photo above until after Easter.

I foresee another Treat Yoself moment soon, very soon, after April 16.

If you live near Nashville, or foresee yourself traveling there soon, be sure to check out The Grilled Cheeserie!



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  1. Yum! 🧀

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