Dog Costumes and Frito Chili Pies

My Someone and I hosted our annual party this past weekend. I say annual party with no particular theme involved. You see, after our wedding, My Someone quickly realized his wife personality was “go big or go home” when it came to party planning and hosting.

My creative driven mind and obsessive attention to detail partnered with my desire to HOST ALL THE PARTIES ended up getting me the “We can only have one big party a year, so pick your holiday.”

Not because Spouse is bah hum bug about celebrations, but because our bank account really only can handle one Danielle approved party per year.

Last year, our first in our home, (only a week living in our home) I picked the 4th of July. This year I picked Halloween.

One thing I always do for Halloween is dress Oliver up. This year I had Snickers finally living on the farm with us, so he became part of my tradition.

I knew without a doubt what I wanted to do for Oliver’s costume. I scoured the interwebs searching for the parts and pieces to his costume, but my search heeded no results. I was faced with the realization I would in fact have to make his costume.

Remember when I said I was attention to detail?

Remember when ALL the blog posts I mentioned my perfectionist tendencies?

Have we discussed I have minimum to none, sewing experience? Because that is the truth. And I can promise you, last Christmas when I opened the Singer sewing machine gifted to me from those awesome in-laws of mine, they did not envision my first project with the machine being a miniature kilt for my 6-year-old canine child.

But, at this point, I’m sure they were surprised.

I present to you Oliver, the Scottish Terror, channeling his heritage. IMG_0605

I have to say, I may have cussed at the sewing machine more than I care to admit, but I am really proud of how it turned out.

So what did Snickers, The Very Bad Boykin end up as you may ask? Well as it happens with most second children, I didn’t put nearly as much effort into it. IMG_0643

While most couples would coordinate with each other, My Someone and I chose to coordinate with our perspective pups.

Who're you gonna call?
Who’re you gonna call?

IMG_0617After the costumes, came the party. I had such big plans for this party, but mother nature laughed at me. What was supposed to be a pumpkin carving contest, dinner, a gourmet s’mores bar next to a big bonfire and an outdoor movie, became pumpkin carving on our little back porch, no dessert or fire and a bunch of people huddled in blankets on the front porch trying to watch Ghostbusters through the slats of the porch rail, because the rain storm that hit just. wouldn’t. quit.

Our guests were total troopers, and made the best out of a cold, wet and muddy situation.

Dinner was the only part of the evening that went as planned, but the overall goal of the party was fellowship with friends and I can confidently say that goal was achieved.

Here is a glimpse into the party setup.IMG_0665

Drunkin’ Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots.

Drunkin’ Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots that I found out two days post party I had accidentally used pepper vodka instead of regular. *sigh* I thought they had a slightly strange kick to them…IMG_0673


‘Goblin Snot.’ Okay, it’s really just jalapeno jelly on cream cheese. You caught me.IMG_0683IMG_0687

Not pictured… Okay, many elements not pictured, like my spider web tunnels in the entry or the outdoor movie setup BUT what I’m getting at that isn’t pictured is the main course which was chicken and dumplings and Frito Chili Pies.

Unbeknownst to me, apparently, Frito Chili Pies are a regional thing, and that region does not include Kentucky. Our guests, including My Someone, were royally thrown for a loop by the terms. “That sounds disgusting,” I heard more than one say. Followed by the appalled, “Danielle, WHY ARE YOU PUTTING KETCHUP ON YOUR CHILI!?!”

If you follow the HH&SS facebook page, then you know we had the Great Chili Debate, where I learned very quickly how passionate people across the U.S are about how their chili is to be served. (And, PSA, haters, 😉 my chili stands alone deliciously, I just like the extra stuff.)

This party was no different, but almost everyone ended up trying their chili as a pie (If you’re lost it’s Fritos on the bottom of the bowl, then chili, then onions and cheese AND if you’re an Okie a dollop of ketchup on top.) Didn’t I tell you our guests were total troopers!

We ended the evening with a judging contest of the carved pumpkins and a watching Ghostbusters through the rain, and the slats of my porch.IMG_0690IMG_0689 IMG_0691

Osiyo is “Hello” in Cherokee, obviously mine, and came in a close second behind the cat. Which pumpkin would you have picked?

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