Where We Are

When I said early next week, I really should’ve said mid-three weeks from now. I think that first sentence describes what my life is like — has been like — for the last six months. It’s so busy and crazy I just lose track of time.

However, I am really excited that there is a light in the end of this tunnel. Two weeks ago, I accepted a new job, which means I get to quit the three I was juggling, but unfortunately — for the time being — this means I have four establishments of employment for a short while longer.

That paragraph made me tired just writing it.

I’m really looking forward to being able to being able to stop and breathe, enjoy life again AND finish our home remodel… Which is why you’re here. Some of you have been patiently waiting (I’m looking at you Grandma and Grand Dad), some of you have morbid curiosity after seeing the before pictures and then some of you are just here because it popped up on your newsfeed and you’ve been sucked into the black hole that is social media. Whatever your reason for reading this, just know, I’m happy you’re here.

So, what do you say we take a tour of where we are now on things…

(If you missed “Where We Started,” you can see it here.)

IMG_9990Welcome back!

Things look a little bit different, don’t they? 😉IMG_9991I feel like this “Where We Are” post not only says, “Wow, Danielle still has a lot to do — like finish painting cabinet doors and complete them with hardware.” But also, “Wow, Danielle has no idea where to put everything yet.”

Both of those statements would be correct. Clutter makes me bat-*ahem*-crazy, so rest assured when the time comes for finished posts, the clutter will be in check. IMG_9992


IMG_9994The laundry room was my first room to paint EVER. Not that I reached pro status after painting several more… But this one has to be re-done. Joy.

Still to go, trim, baseboards, cabinet overhaul. IMG_1022Oh, hey there bedroom. You look different than before, too. IMG_1023No more stained, gross carpet! Hip Hip Hooray!

So, much trim to paint though. So. Much.


Onward to the other end of the house!IMG_9995




All that has changed about my office so far is the new flooring …everyone has a kid’s rope and a sombrero in their office, right? Please tell me yes. IMG_9999Same goes for the guest bathroom, I’m mainly showing you this because I am NOT showing y’all the guest bedroom. Which has drastically changed… But it’s currently my catch all due to having no cabinet space, something else I have figured into our remodel. 😉

I took all the above photos late at night, didn’t edit them and just uploaded my little heart out to this post. That’s why they are dark. I’ll do better next time, promise.

My final progress photo I have to share with you today is the front of our house, which has actually changed even more since I took this photo. Which makes me, oh-so-very-happy.

IMG_2198New sidewalk! New Porch! Now, to tackle some landscape layout. (Obviously I took this on a different day than all those above.)

So, that’s a wrap on our middle photos, looking at them really makes me realize how much we’ve done. I actually got so excited writing this post I kept getting distracted and would find myself cruising the Lowe’s Website, plotting, scheming and making to-do lists.

I heart to-do lists.

Until next time!

7 responses to “Where We Are”

  1. Looks great. Love your kitchen overhaul – the table – the living room furniture – the color scheme. And your wall display in your bedroom is super cute!

  2. It’s come so far! I know I’ve told you this before but I’ve come to realize it’s almost always a work in progress I think.. or at least I hope it’s not just me! Trim is the worst, we still have spots that aren’t done from our first go round, and now I’m doing it all over again. But it looks fantastic and I *LOVE* your paint colors!

  3. Huzzah for trailer houses! I love ours and share the same difficulties you do – stained carpets, small-ish house and man would I love to paint (we rent). It looks fabulous – can’t wait to see more pictures!

  4. NOW, thats progress ! KEEP UP the momentum . By the way, that “peachy” occasional chair in the living room looks familiar.Didn’t recognize the Queen Set ?

  5. Looking great!!! I love the porch addition! Can’t wait to see the final results.

  6. mmphotography2008 Avatar

    You’re done so much; it looks great! Our first home was a trailer. I tried calling it a manufactured home to make myself feel a little better, but really, it was a trailer house. But, I painted and DIY’ed as much as I could to make that first house a home. And by the time we moved, I had grown to love that place where my hubby and I started our newlywed life and brought home two of our babies. Best of luck as you enjoy your home!

    I first found your blog through Women in Ag FB group then again from your post on AgChat. Totally could relate to your “burned out/overwhelmed piece.” Congrats on the new job too!


  7. […] last name initial, we also share a few parallel life moments. Looking through my posts about our #pimpmytrailer remodel she said it looked like the same floor plan as when her and her husband first started out. Judging […]

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