Where We Started

As I sit here, staring at my kitchen with only a few cabinet doors hung and an entire house lacking base boards, I realize I seriously am in need of some new motivation for home remodel. We did so much, so quickly, that My Someone and I have spent the past couple of months in burnout mode. Not that things haven’t been accomplished, I just figured we would’ve been a lot closer to finished by now.

I think what I need is a trip back to the beginning to remember where we started. Besides the previous owners, no one but My Someone and I saw it in it’s original state. Even my in-laws — who have been wonderful in helping with the remodel — never saw our home at day one.

They saw a lot of demo, and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a lot of demo too. But, we’re finally on the not-so-scary side of remodel, which is a relief in it’s self.

Let me give you some background. My Someone and I grew up very differently. He, grew up at the same address, in the same big pretty house he was brought home from the hospital to. Me, on the other hand, I am an oil field kid. Meaning, growing up, we moved. A lot. I’ve lived in a little bit of everything, little houses, big houses, two-story houses, a trailer and a camper.

So, as we viewed this trailer (that happened to be already sitting on the land we were already in the process of purchasing) for the first time, My Someone’s initial reaction was, “No way in Hell.” While mine was more like, “It needs some work, but it has potential.”

Needs some work, was an understatement. But, lucky for us, the work needed was almost all cosmetic. Besides a new roof we didn’t run into anything that was structurally major. Which has been a win in our book.

Alright, enough gabbing, let’s get on with the tour. Journey back with me now… for the first time ever… As I present, Day 1: where we started.

Here we begin in the living room, looking towards the kitchen.

Mmmm Magenta carpet, reeking of cigarette smoke, and terrible fashion trends of the early 90’s.


IMG_3953At this angle, the cabinets actually looked like they were in decent condition. Don’t let them lie to you, up close they had been rode hard and put up wet.



Hey, there laundry room. How you doin’?IMG_3959Onward to the master bedroom!


IMG_3961Yes… In case you are wondering. That is in fact carpeted stairs in a bathroom that is open to the bedroom.IMG_3965Sooo. Sooo much wrong with this picture. IMG_3969That’s a cute carpet stain… Said no one, ever. IMG_3972(In my best tour guide voice) Now, here we are on the other end of this *clears throat* lovely 24-year-old single wide trailer. IMG_3974Welcome to my office. It’s itsy-bitsy.IMG_3977Followed up by the guest bathroom. It’s also itsy-bitsy.IMG_3978Doesn’t he know I’m trying to give a home tour here? Sheesh.IMG_3982The guest bedroom, for when all my long-lost Okies come to visit.

That’s enough for the interior. Let’s head out side y’all!!IMG_3986Aint she cute? 😉IMG_3992And with that I conclude this back in time journey through our home pre-remodel tour. *takes a bow*

Did you find yourself twitching, ready to rip out some magenta carpet and splash paint all over those dirty walls? Could you feel the aroma of cigarette smoke coming through your computer screen? Do you feel like you need to take a bath now?

Or is all that just me?

Never fear. I can promise it no longer looks like this. *Whew*

Sidenote: I’m one ** loving, question asking girl today. I just want y’all to truly be in the moment with me. You’re feeling it right? No? Whatever. Just love me. 

Now that you’ve seen the true before, early next week I’m going to share the “where we are now.” Plus, it’s a good excuse to do my dishes, run a vacuum across the floor.

I’m hoping all this will be the DIY motivational kick in the rear I’m needing to get back at it and finish the inside, so I can share the final completed photos some time in near future.

Until next time!


7 responses to “Where We Started”

  1. The pink carpet brought back horrible memories of my old bathroom. Pink tile, all the way up the wall. Pink flowered light fixtures. AND pink shag carpet. Oh yes my friend. I feel your pain. Can’t way to see the “where you are now” updates. 🙂

  2. We live in a ancient farmhouse. Our bathroom, brace yourself, had orange carpet, yellow walls, brown 70s sink/medicine cabinet and my favorite part a pink and black tiled bath and shower. I get chills revisioning it.

  3. This is a requirement in life to make you appreciate a good home. My husband and I lived in a house with puke green shag carpet, and I started every morning shoving the plumbing back up under my kitchen sink. Chin up and good luck!!!!!!!! I’m sure you’ll make it lovely.

  4. I know exactly how you feel!!! Been working on our early 1900’s farmhouse for the last 8 years…we had to stop for 2 babies and multiple surgeries(me). We are finally, finally, finally on the tale end.

  5. Oh my! You’ve probably seen my pics, we were also there when we redid this house the first time. The good news – it gets easier to block it from memory the longer you live there. Heck, I’ve almost forgotten how I lived without a kitchen sink for over a year! The bad news – at least from where I am now, I don’t feel like the work ever stops. And coming from someone who lived in a half kinda mostly finished house for most of my life, it gets really easy to not finish dumb things like baseboards and doors. But (I imagine, I don’t know yet) it feels better when it it truly finished. I’m planning to make a list of every little detail that needs to be done, and maybe someday it will be, right?

  6. Sounds like you’ve had your hands full with renovations! Looking forward to seeing the “where we are now” post 🙂 I’m sure y’all are exhausted from doing all the work, but I bet the improvements you’ve made have been well worth it!

  7. […] When I said early next week, I really should’ve said mid-three weeks from now. I think that first sentence describes what my life is like — has been like — for the last six months. It’s so busy and crazy I just lose track of time. […]

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