101 in 1001

I’m a list maker, they make me happy. So when a friend of mine posted her new 101 in 1001 list on her blog, Buzzard’s Beat, it inspired me to investigate further. Turns out it was originally created by Day Zero Project, with the purpose of helping people achieve their bucket lists in shorter increments. Because who wants to look back on their life with a bunch of “I should’ve.”

When I started creating my list, I discovered it was more difficult than I thought to come up with 101 things. It wasn’t coming up with things necessarily, but coming up with 101 things I knew I (or we) could realistically accomplish in 1001 days. So here goes nothing, since I having difficulties changing the colors of my text, I will italicize the ones that are in progress and cross through them as they are completed.

Start Date: February 12, 2014
End Date: November 8, 2016

Knowledge & New Skills
•Learn to crotchet
•Become better skilled at InDesign and Illustrator
•Read 6 new books
•Learn to hookup and pull a stock trailer. Confidently. (The second part is what I’m focusing on.)
•Try 30 new recipes
•Get my MBA (Master’s in Beef Advocacy)
•Learn to can
•Take dance lessons
•Relearn how to saddle a horse (I used to be able to no problem, but it’s been a couple of years.)
•Take a cake decorating class
•Learn to change a flat tire
•Try a different Crockpot meal once a week for a month
•Grow strawberries
•Make an onion blossom, and dipping sauce
•Successfully make a mixed drink
•Learn how to cook game. (Daniel always cooks what he shoots)

Foundation Building in Marriage & Faith
•Have one Bible verse written on a chalkboard per week for a year, spend each week memorizing the featured verse.
•Pray for my husband everyday for 1 month
•Learn to pray daily
•Have one date night outside of the county we live in per month
•Lead before dinner prayer once a week for three months
•Find a church
•Write in my personal blog for Daniel once a week for 4 months
•Read the Bible from front to back

Professional, Networking & Social Media
•Update my blog design
•Have a personal profile (resume) website
•Meet 5 social media friends in real life
•Design my own business cards
•Have a constructive conversation with a person with a different viewpoint
•Blog everyday for one month
•Be a guest speaker
•Have 1,000 Twitter followers
•Move my blog to self-hosted

•Complete a “no spend” month
•Establish a 3-month emergency savings fund
•Get a joint banking account, keep that account balanced
•Have a vacation savings account
•Have zero credit card debt
•Have an organized file cabinet
•Have and maintain over 5K in savings
•Start a college fund for our children (even though we don’t have any yet.)

•Complete my current photography project, have the images put in a book. (The project’s content is a secret for now.)
•Buy Lightroom
•Have studio floor setup made
•Build a backdrop frame
•Upgrade my camera
•Take a photo editing class
•Have 1,000 likes on the Two Arrows Photography Facebook page
•Buy two new lenses for my camera (Tamron 17-50)
•Complete a 30-day photo challenge
•Have an official Website for Two Arrows Photography

•Go hiking in the Appalachian Mountains
•Sleep under the stars
•Attend NAILE
•Attend a UK tailgate
•Attend an Oklahoma State game near the date Daniel and I met
•Visit the west coast
•Go kayaking
•Go to the Kentucky Derby
•Visit 5 new states
•Go to the Grand Ole Opry
•Travel internationally

•Get Oliver his own “car seat” (Don’t judge me.)
•Have Oliver groomed once a month for 6 months straight
•Have Snickers groomed once every 3 months for a year
•Have a barn cat
•Buy either a Scottish Highlander or a Miniature Hereford

•Either buy a dishwasher or move in a house that has one
•Put up Christmas lights
•Have flowerbeds
•Have one room in our house completely decorated
•Move out of the Hobbit House
•Put shelf paper in all our kitchen and bathroom cabinets
•Buy a gun safe
•Get a new (new to me) vehicle
•Buy a sewing machine
•Have coordinating living room furniture
•Complete 5 Pinterest projects
•Have all three of our vehicles completely clean at the same time.

Health & Fitness
•Drink 3 glasses of water per day for a month
•Try Crossfit
•Get back to freshman year of college weight
•Workout 5 days a week for 3 months
•Workout 4 days a week for 6 months

•Not have a baby before I’m 26
•Go to a fine dining restaurant, order exactly what I want to eat, without looking at the cost AND get dessert. (I never order what I want, I always order by what costs the least.)
•Skype with a friend once a month
•Shoot my first deer
•Volunteer to babysit someone’s children so they can have a date night
•Try 4 new foods
•Send one “Just Because” card to someone in my life, once a month, for a year
•Purchase 6 Disney movies
•Have people over for a home-cooked dinner once a month for 5 months
•See something born (I’m in Agriculture and I’ve never seen this. Weird, I know.)
•Buy myself a new pair of boots (There is no such thing as too many)
•Finish my Harry Potter movie collection
•Host a murder mystery party
•Pay for the next person’s meal
•Send all my grandparents a card or letter once a month for a year
•Make another list when this one is complete

If you were to make your own 101 in 1001 list, what is something different you would want to include?

Looking for other 101 in 1001 list examples? Check out another favorite blogger of mine’s list over at Crystal Cattle

8 responses to “101 in 1001”

    • Doesn’t it? Haha yeah, I definitely got that from your first list. I thought it was an excellent idea, and an even better way to get (some) people to ease up on the “have a baby soon” pressure. Babies are 10 degrees of adorable, but once you have them, you’re in for the long haul. Oy!

      And thanks! I’m excited about accomplishing these too!

  1. 101 in 1001 is my FAVORITE — such a great way to make both the “big” and “little” goals attainable!

    On a side note, I got a good giggle out of this: “Buy either a Scottish Highlander or a Miniature Hereford” ….my husband has been begging for a Mini Herf. B-E-G-G-I-N-G. And a miniature horse to herd it with.

  2. You guys are kicking my butt with the lists, I need to update mine sooo bad! Love yours!

    And I have a super easy, no fail venison recipe (or two) if you’re interested. Cooks the “gamey” taste right out of it, if that’s not your thing. Good deer recipes are hard to find sometimes!

  3. I love this idea and your list! I was surprised at some things on the list too, such as the watch something being born and changing a flat tire. I hope you accomplish all of these!! I feel strange staying this but I’m not sure if we have ever met. I know we attended NEO around the same time and you have always looked so familiar but if not, I hope we meet someday!! If we have and I have forgot, forgive me. Babies do that to your brain ( another good reason to wait 😉 I know we haven’t touched on a very personal level through social media but you seem like you are an amazing friend to your friends and I like friends like that!!! So keep that up!! 😀

    P.S love the blog!!

  4. Great list! You have a few that I might need to add to mine when its time to update. I liked Two Arrows Photography so you are 1 closer to 1,000. Can’t wait to see the Scottish Highlander or a Miniature Hereford.

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