Unplugged Honeymoon

Hi there friends, long time no blog, I know.

The last couple of months have been such an emotional roller coaster, I decided it was probably best to step away from the blogosphere until I had a full handle on this major life change.

But I’m back and ready to blog. I plan on covering all the wedding details, as soon as I have pictures, therefore you’re getting the honeymoon first.

The details, like state, town, lodging, you know… small details, were all unbeknownst to me until we were boarding our flight. All I knew was we would be going somewhere cold for a week. I loved the idea of our honeymoon being completely planned by My Someone, it was a lot less stress for me. But what I’m most impressed about is the large amount of our family and friends that knew, and still managed to keep it a secret. Props to y’all.

So where was this mystery vacation? None other than the absolutely breathtaking, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.IMG_2381e

Now before I start blowing up and finishing this post with photo overload, I think I should mention something else that was neat about our honeymoon… From the time the plane touched down in Jackson, Monday Night, until we arrived back in the airport, Saturday afternoon, we were almost completely unplugged.

What does “unplugged” mean?

Well basically it means relearning how to use these:

Yeah, that's a map. Like a paper one, not one with a name that tell you every move you need to make. I was Sacagawea and he was Meriwether Lewis. The only problem was Lewis kept forgetting Sacagawea is ALWAYS right. *Sigh* Men.
Yeah, that’s a map. Like a paper one, not one with a name that tells you every move you need to make. I was Sacagawea and he was Meriwether Lewis. The only problem was Lewis kept forgetting Sacagawea is ALWAYS right. *Sigh* Men.

And results in a whole lot of this:

Hand holding… duh. What? That’s not what you were thinking I meant?

For five days we never opened a computer, and only used our phones the one time we needed to call and make a reservation. That meant no email, no social media, no games, no texts and no answering phone calls. A completely unplugged honeymoon would’ve meant no technology at all, but My Someone ended up sick with a fever one entire day of our trip… So that day just involved couch cuddling and marathon Law & Order SVU watching.

Why unplugged?

The past few months have been such a constant go-go-go, constantly on our phones, me dealing with the wedding, him with the farm, both of us trying 24/7 to make everyone else happy. We NEEDED the beginning of our marriage to be just about the two of us. As it should be, before we were forced back to the whirlwind that is reality.

So enough about the technology-lessness of the trip, how exactly did we occupy our time in Teton County. Well for starters, we stayed in this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G place…IMG_2376eIMG_2371With breathtaking views like this…IMG_2266eWhere the mule deer paid me no mind…IMG_2228eWe took a sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge…IMG_2260eIMG_2262eWe explored downtown Jackson, and drank gourmet hot chocolate…IMG_2232eAnd then, “Stop looking at me swaaann”…IMG_2388eWe discovered sometimes if you take a ski lift up a few thousand feet, you might find the most inexpensive meal of the entire trip…IMG_2294And then you can travel a few more thousand feet up in elevation and be cold as Hell for a photo op…IMG_2305IMG_2298In my effort to photograph a moose, I discovered how close I could get to make my new husband extremely nervous…IMG_2324eIMG_2321eWe drank wine by the fire…IMG_2234eAnd I photo stalked My Someone…IMG_2244e

IMG_2367eIMG_2369eWhile snowshoeing, we left our mark in the snow…IMG_2334eOur snowshoes allowed us to walk on top of a lot of snow…IMG_2341eDid I mention A LOT of snow?

This is the top of a trail sign
This is the top of a trail sign

And then at the end of the week, we were both really sad to leave honeymoon wonderland to fly back to the ranks of reality…IMG_2400
Until next time!

7 responses to “Unplugged Honeymoon”

  1. b.sowders@twc.com Avatar

    WOW!! I would have LOVED this!!! I love cold (though I am getting a little tired of it lately)….. I can’t imagine how quiet it would be there….which is the thing I like most about snow

  2. You all are way to cute! Looks like a beautiful place to spend a honeymoon. My someone special also booked our honeymoon and kept it all a secret until about 2 weeks before the wedding and then he accidentally let it slip. 🙂

  3. I’m ready to pack my bags!!! I love the idea of “unplugged”. Beautiful pictures. I love Jacksonhole.

  4. The pictures and story were beautiful – so glad to have you two home!!!

  5. This looks absolutely amazing! Unplugging is a great idea. We just might have to do that on our vacation coming up. Welcome to married life, lady!! 🙂

  6. I’ve always been a big fan of Jackson Hole. It is a great place to visit in the summer too. Way to be unplugged for the trip! Congratulations on your marriage!

  7. This place looks amazing! I’m def going to have to remember it so I can dream about taking a trip there one day…

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