If He Coordinates His Rope Color Just for You… Marry Him.

Today marks our one year. In a way, it seems a little silly to be celebrating a one year anniversary when we are getting married in exactly one month and one day and the whole anniversary thing will be completely changed. But, in my dating history I’ve only made it consecutively to one year ONE other time, so you are darn right we are celebrating it.

Notice all those ones in that paragraph? Well brace yourselves, there is about to be more.

As I was saying, today marks one year since this guy I had been on a couple of dates with made a two hour detour to Middle-of-Corn, Kansas on his way home to Kentucky from Stillwater, Oklahoma, just to take me to lunch.

It was during this lunch this guy randomly said, “Well it’s not going to be easy, but I’m willing to give it a shot if you are.”
“I know no idea what you are even referring too right now…” Was my extremely romantic response.

Obviously, eventually we ended up on the same page, and so now here we are at the one year marker. However, today instead of sharing an extremely mushy story about our love story, I want to share a highlight of our engagement photos.

I kinda-sorta apologize if you follow me on our sites or if we are friends in real life, I’m a little in love with our photos. I’ve been over sharing, but they turned out better than I could’ve imagined.

My friend Sasha, is our official wedding photographer, but has also photographed our Save-the-Dates and our fantastic engagement photos. Sasha worked for Artworks Tulsa Photography, while I was an intern there. We spent many hours at the same computer editing weddings, it was a bonding experience that has kept us friends since. She now has her own photography business over at Sasha Heather Photography. Give her page a “like” and check out her work, she is extremely talented.

I always do my own makeup BUT, I decided for the wedding I wanted something professional that would last the entire day. It also helps that I know a very fabulous makeup artist. Ashlee and I also met during my time at Artworks. What I love about her work is that it always looks classy and natural. My makeup trial was set for the morning of our engagement photo session, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. My complexion is typically clear, but with the stress load I was under at that time, my face was straight up pepperoni pizza. It was a.w.f.u.l. Ashlee was able to cover everything, and no one would’ve ever known what my face was doing my looking at the photos. But… Now everyone knows. While you’re checking out Sasha’s page, steer some traffic towards Ashlee’s as well. => Ashlee Bivins Makeup Artist.

Drumroll… Here they are. Just a few, compared to the 165 finished photos Sasha sent me.


I have an intense love for paintings of couples with red umbrellas. My bachelorette pad sported several on the wall… I have yet to figure how to incorporate them into the Beard/Hayden abode, but I did figure out how to incorporate them in our photos… And incorporate I did.019023034040048052066

This was one of those accidental, (I was supposed to be posing one way and completely failing at it and My Someone was trying to explain what I needed to do) life happens photos, and I absolutely love it.
070074076This scenario beginning below happens anytime My Someone ends up with a rope in his hands… Which. Is. Often.078079081083088Notice if you will the color coordinating rope? That was My Someone. One of the many reasons I’m marrying that guy.

148152156…and of course, we had to have cattle.159That’s a wrap of this (very long) preview, y’all. If you want to find a reason to get dressed up and make out with your significant other in an alley, field or barn, and you happen to live in Oklahoma, give Sasha a call. πŸ˜‰

18 responses to “If He Coordinates His Rope Color Just for You… Marry Him.”

    • Thank you!!! The red dress is from Drysdales… I think Oklahoma may be the state that has those, but it’s a western store. πŸ™‚ And we will, our celebrating is just acknowledging it. It’s a little hard to celebrate too much with 500 miles between us.

  1. Those pictures are ADORABLE! My two faves are the 8th and 9th one you posted. Many congrats and happy ONE year anniversary! You have every right to celebrate whatever milestone you want. It’s all about you baby! πŸ™‚ I am totally over the moon in love with your black dress. Where did you get it from?? PS, I gave both your girls some FB love.

  2. Amazingness! You look so completely beautiful and pretty in a dress… something which I can never accomplish! But I totally love these, and def did not get tired of seeing them over and over again in my news feed. I even showed my friends on sunday the rope ones!

  3. My gosh. You are just the most adorable couple. Ever. I love all of the pictures and am so happy for you and Daniel πŸ™‚

  4. AHHH! I just LOVE this! Your photos are gorgeous!! I wish you two a lifetime of happiness! ENJOY your upcoming wedding day, it seriously goes by SO fast! I was just thinking the other day that our entire wedding flew by and was such a surreal experience it’s almost like it didn’t even happen!

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