Greetings from rural Oklahoma

I’ve been a terrible, no-good, very bad blogger lately…

I could give you a list of excuses as to my absence. I list that involves, wedding planning, moving, working 7 days a week, quitting my job, but really my only excuse is that I do not have internet.

Yep, limited connection to the rest of the world (I’m not real devastated by that), but if you blog, it is kind of crucial to actually have internet to blog.

Granted, I have an iPhone and it does have a data plan. However, 2GB of data goes really quick when you have to solely rely on it. By the end of the second week in the month I’ve used it up.

*Read as the overage charges on my phone bill are costing a fortune.*

I’ve apparently become spoiled. This no internet thing isn’t new. Didn’t have it in high school or Junior College. All my professors thought I was lying when I’d explain over and over how I couldn’t receive their emails over weekends, Christmas, Spring or Summer Break, unless they called me first. But in the time, I moved out, my reliance on the World Wide Web has become real, real serious.

So you may be wondering how I’m blogging now. Granted I could drive to town and sit in McDonalds, but I’m not. You see, occasionally, once in a blue moon, my dad brings home his wifi air card in order to work from home. And when these rare joyous moments occur. I hole up in my room, pop open my laptop, bum off of his wifi signal and cackle to myself for beating the system, all while sending good juju to the pipeline company he works for, for unknowingly granting me temporary access to the outside world. Even if it’s only to get out a “Heyyyyy Y’allll!!! I’m ALIVE!!!”

Back are the days, when I cringe when someone says “I sent you an email, could you look over it, edit it and send it back?”

Back are the days, when my standard response to that is “Sure, you might give me a couple of days, though.”

Now are the days, when I gasp each month when I hear what I owe AT&T.

Now are the days, where I tell My Someone, “I might have wifi tonight!” and there is cheering from Kentucky. Getting to Skype with my fiancé now is like opening presents on Christmas morning.

Basically, it’s a pain-in-the-butt, inconvenience, but at the same time it’s nice to take a breath and get back to being less dependent on technology (and TV, but that’s a whole other topic.)


So, I’ll see y’all around…


When I have wifi next, that is.

One response to “Greetings from rural Oklahoma”

  1. I understand you on the whole feeling slightly guilty for not blogging but also relishing the the freedom. At least you have (had?) a very plausible reason where as I’ve just been over here hanging out on pinterest, lol. Anyways, welcome back and good luck with all the life changes you have going on right now!

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