Under the work rock

Oh, hi there. Remember me?

I use to blog at least once a week, and then I got engaged, fell into a wedding planning rabbit hole and the busy season at work came and sucker punched me in the face…

Well, you probably didn’t know the last part, but that is in fact where I’ve been. Traveling here, there, everywhere and spending more hours than I can tabulate bouncing around in the seat of a tractor, operating a weed-eater, wire brush scrubbing trash barrels, and chatting away in pure PR form.

In other words, away from my computer …and all social forms — media or real life — in general. So, friends unless you are Will and Kate, I probably missed the FB announcement of your offspring’s birth, I am completely out-of-the loop as to what half of my Twitter followers crops look like and birthdays?? …Well unless my mother knows you, then I didn’t get the text reminder of, “You better not forget it is <insert name here>’s birthday on <insert day here>, so send a card.”

Yeah… I’ve been under a rock.

In order to keep myself from completely dropping the blog ball, y’all will soon be pummeled with the finished version of all the (currently) half finished blog posts I’ve been collecting.

I think you will anyway…

I hope…

Well, we’ll see.

2 responses to “Under the work rock”

  1. I have lots of those half finished blog posts, too. Maybe after the fair I will have time to finish those. 🙂

  2. Why would you wire brush trash barrels??? Good luck on your blogs, travels, Farm Talk, and oh yes that other little thing, the wedding!!!! Hugs, Tiny

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