Fifteen Ways

Pioneer Woman started it, I swear. I saw a picture of Hereford cows and was sucked in immediately to whatever else was in the article.

But… it wasn’t about my favorite bovine breed, it was about mush stuff. Her article “15 ways Marlboro Man and I are different” was exactly what the title leads it to be and ended with a challenge of how are you and your love different?

Far be it me to turn down a challenge, especially from a fellow Okie, so here goes…

Fifteen Ways My Someone and I are different:

1. He sees land in Kentucky and devises a plan of how he would clear it and have it logged in order to create optimum pastureland.
I see land in Kentucky and exclaim: “OMG TREES!!!! I JUST WANT TO KEEP THEM ALL!!!” Hey, we don’t have as many of those where I live.

2. A turtle is crossing the road, he swerves to miss it and spare it’s life.
Same situation, I pull over and carry the turtle the rest of the way across the road. (traffic permitting) We all need a little help sometimes.

3. He doesn’t drink coffee.
I move the speed of the turtles I help, until I’ve had 1 to 2 cups of coffee.

4. He likes his cattle based on characteristics, rather than by breeds.
I like Hereford and Brahman cattle, an opinion I voice more often than not.

5. He likes Mac & Cheese.
I’m not a fan, at all.

6. He’s “talk about your feelings and what you’re thinking” guy.
If there was a book on “Bottling it all up 101” I’d be the author.

7. He’s a ‘front row’ Catholic.
I’m a ‘middle row’ Methodist.

8. He LOVES Mexican food.
I LOATHE Mexican food.

9. He’s outgoing. (Understatement)
I’m a reserved/outgoing/shy combo.

10. He’s laid back and ‘whatever’ about most things.
I’m OCD and a ‘list-maker.’ (Much like this post)

11. His idea of reading is his Facebook newsfeed.
I read anything and everything I can get my hands on.

12. He is particular about ‘pets’
I see anything soft and furry and feel like I need to bring it home and become its mother.

13. He’s blonde haired/blue-eyed.
I’m green-eyed with dark brown hair.

14. He has a Kentucky drawl.
I have an Okie twang.

15. If it doesn’t have beef, chicken or pork it isn’t an actual meal in his eyes.
I’m perfectly content with “bird food” (his words).

He looks innocent, but he just said something to deserve that look.
This is what a good portion of our pictures together end up looking like…
...and then we get it right.
…and then we get it right.


There you have it. We’re different, but we’re alike. I’m keeping him either way. I’ll even compromise on Mac & Cheese and *occasional* Mexican food, if he’ll just give in and let me bring home a rescue donkey and name it Penelope. I feel like that’s a fair trade.




So your turn… what’s a difference between you and your special someone? This will really make you think.

6 responses to “Fifteen Ways”

  1. Love it! So very different, but such a good match from what I can see. Husband and I tend to be more alike then I realize. Big differences come in how we communicate and what we like to eat.

  2. Ashley Breitnauer Avatar
    Ashley Breitnauer

    You are so funny! I love learning about your someone and I enjoy always reading your post.

  3. Love your list. Thanks for sharing such goodness and smiles with me today. You made my day happier, just because I stopped by.

  4. Love your list – several things made me think of my husband and I! #10 is the same at our house and #6 is the opposite way at my house. And I just love your #7 – made me laugh!

  5. Sounds like we’d be great friends 🙂 I’m OCDish and make lists like it’s my job. I’ve got that shy/outgoing combo personality as well. Middle row Methodist…made me laugh 🙂

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