Operation Ice Cream

Let’s go back to last Saturday. My Someone was in Middle-of-Corn, Kansas, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, I had only filled the house with smoke once with Easter-prep cooking (as opposed to twice the night before.) — Basically the complete package of a perfect spring day.

My Someone and I were immersed in some really deep conversation, I couldn’t even tell you what about now, because suddenly I heard it.

The melody of my childhood heading towards my Middle-of-Corn, Kansas Hacienda.

Could it really be??


Confusion spread over My Someone’s face as I bolted for the front door, and out on to the front porch.

The ice cream truck, was already past my house and heading towards the main road, with an entire herd of offspring trailing behind it, whom he was obviously not going to stop for.

“Drat, we need money. And we need to chase down that truck,” I stated, getting ready to take off running.

“WHAT?! Why?!? Really?!?!” Was all My (very confused/startled) Someone could say.

Well, all this stalling, explaining the battle plan to my counterpart through off the entire mission. The ice cream truck had made it to the end of my street, and with that I watched my frozen bliss twinkle it’s beautiful melodies off into the distance.

It was there, our very different upbringings came rising to the surface. You see, my rural raised, farm-grown boyfriend had never experienced the wonderfulness that is “The Ice Cream Truck.” While my New Orleans/Tulsa suburbs childhood was straight up Sesame Street, complete with sideways ball cap and ice cream truck chasing.

So after some explaining, we’re on the same page. And friends, for the sake of all y’all’s relationships, have the ice cream talk. Establish who is the truck chaser and who is the money gatherer. I mean, because really, these are the types of things that can make or break you.

I finally got my ice cream (actually frozen yogurt) yesterday from Braums... Not the same as the ice cream truck, but a pretty good runner-up.
I finally got ice cream (actually frozen yogurt) yesterday from Braums… Not the same as the ice cream truck, but a pretty good runner-up.

7 responses to “Operation Ice Cream”

  1. It is true to decide those little things in a relationship! LOL. I love it. But in reality, who gets the money and who chases the ice cream truck could be a metaphor for other things in your relationship too! 🙂

    1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
      High Heels & Shotgun Shells

      I like the way you think! It definitely could be!

  2. brandibuzzard Avatar

    I only got to experience the ice cream truck when i visited my grandparents in KC but it was a BIG DEAL. C’mon D.Hayden – get with the program!

    1. I know now lol, maybe one of these days the kid inside me that has always longed for an ice cream truck will come out and I’ll fully have that appreciation for it

      1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
        High Heels & Shotgun Shells

        I had a really great response to this… and then I realized you used the correct tense for “know” and I was so dang proud, witty comeback disappeared.


  3. I loved Bombpops off the ice cream truck! Now, I get them off of the Schwan’s truck. I still have to eat them the same way I ate them when I was little. Some things never change! Thanks for a little journey down memory lane!

  4. My hubster and I have the same disconnect, it’s hilarious! Except I’m the one that grew up on a farm and he’s a city boy. And now that I live in the city, I go crazy when I hear an ice cream truck! You mean, they bring ice cream to MY HOUSE?! I don’t have to drive 10 miles into town to get it?! Mind blowing. The first time I got ice cream from an ice cream truck I was in line with E (the hubs) and five other kids under the age of 10 (#notashamed) and when I got my heath bar I said, “Best day eva!” and all the kiddos busted out laughing. So. much. fun.

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