Even cowboys like a little “Harlem Shake”

I’m a Harlem Shake enthusiast. I’m even to the point of having the song on my iPod, so when I need a little pick-me-up I will rock out with a one woman dance party in my Pontiac.

It happens…

More often, than not.

But anyway, I digress. A little late joining the Harlem Shake craze, the first video I saw referencing it was none other than a past Internship/Employer/whatever you want to call it — KOSU.

I was hooked from there, YouTube it. There are hundreds of versions of Harlem Shake.

You can imagine how excited I was when I started seeing The FARM Theory sending out posts asking for people to join the making of their own Harlem Shake video. I was slightly bummed I couldn’t be in Stillwater that day, but none-the-less I cheered enthusiastically from the sidelines of Middle-of-Corn, Kansas.

And then yesterday, it happened.

Day. Made.

The FARM Theory is a newly launched project created by a group of Oklahoma State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources students with the sole purpose of spreading a positive message about agriculture. The “FARM” in their title stands for “the Future of Agriculture Relies on Me.” They are doing awesome things so be sure and check them out!

Oh and since I’m shamelessly throwing out advertisement plugs for things I’m passionate about today… Support Public Radio.

…and do the Harlem Shake *insert spastic dancing*

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