Vegan Nazi and the Eating Out Chronicles

This past weekend My Someone came to Kansas.

Yes, that’s right my cattle ranching, chicken farming, cowboy boot wearing, team roping of a boyfriend came to visit smack dab in the middle of my vegan adventure.

I’m pretty sure he had a good idea what he was about to get himself into though, because not only does he get to hear me talk about it 24/7, David, as I’ve mentioned before, is My Someone’s brother, so he gets to hear both sides of Project Vegan… since the beginning… every day… all day… every little detail. Poor guy.

Anyway, back to the story. I was fully prepared to fix my vegan appropriate meals as well as food my carnivore boyfriend would approve of. Well he shot that idea down, like fish in a barrel. “I’ll eat whatever you eat,” he said. This is going to be interesting I thought to myself.

Upon leaving the airport, we headed to find lunch. “I have no idea where to go,” I grumbled. “P.F. Changs maybe, but that’ll take too long and I need to get back to work.” In the passenger seat I could see him typing away. “Okay, I have a list of vegan-friendly fast food options, along with exactly what you can eat from each one,” he said. So I picked Quizno’s and had the veggie guacamole sub without cheese and with balsamic dressing, and people let me tell you, It. Was. Awesome.

Happy to have hot water, but fed up with the Baking Soda and Vinegar hair routine, we headed later that evening to Walmart to find Loreal Ever Pure (100% vegan and inexpensive!) and groceries. I of course, was trying to stay in a vegan “safe-zone” of stereotypical foods I knew were, without a doubt, vegan. “You could have so much more than the type of foods you’re sticking too,” My Someone muttered while reading the label on a bag of Fritos. Next thing I know, Daniel, armed with his iPhone as his source checker, was putting name brand foods in the cart. We left with salsas, chips, ice cream and frozen vegetable spring rolls, all vegan-friendly. “See. There is no reason for you to be hungry during this,” he said matter-of-factly.

He was like having a real-life Siri, but good-looking… and without me having to actually say much, or having my Okie twang misunderstood. Winning.

However, the problem with my real-life Siri, was he was there to make sure my every move stayed vegan. So on Saturday when I reached for the hairspray I was intercepted with, “Is that Vegan?” “Nooooo,” was my sheepish reply. So back on the shelf went my hair products.

My vegan Siri, became my vegan prison guard. Don’t worry, I still haven’t cheated. It was a moment of weakness… and I was caught. *Sigh*

So let’s breakdown the food (just the life-changing meals, since I’m sure the rest is getting repetitive.) from this weekend with My Someone (a.k.a Vegan Nazi), who totally did not “eat whatever I ate,” but he tried. Kinda. Not really.

Second night he was in town we joined my family at no other than a local steakhouse. I had a salad and baked potato with salsa. He had a rib-eye *insert my muttering here*

The top two pictures would Vegan Nazi's dinner and dessert verses the bottom two pictures which were vegan-friendly options of the same meal idea.
The top two pictures were Vegan Nazi’s dinner and dessert verses the bottom two pictures which were my vegan-friendly options of the same meal idea.

Saturday night was dinner at my parents. They all had smoked ribs, coleslaw and other fixin’s… I ate the salad and potatoes of their meal, as well as the red beans & rice and sauteed (in olive oil) squash and zucchini my mom prepared for me. Who’s mother is awesome?! That’s right, mine!

Okay, even all you straight carnivores out there have to admit, that's just beautiful.
Okay, even all you straight carnivores out there have to admit, that’s just beautiful.
Red Beans & Rice do my little Cajun soul good.
Red Beans & Rice do my little Cajun soul good.

And then last night we ordered pizza, partly because I was curious to try it as a vegan, but mainly because I was feeling lazy.

Pizza Hut gives you the ability to order half with out cheese and the the other half with cheese. This made it perfect for me to have vegan pizza (front) and Daniel to have non-vegan pizza (back) Everyone wins this way!
Pizza Hut offers the option to order half without cheese and the the other half with cheese. This made it perfect for me to have vegan pizza (front) and Daniel to have non-vegan pizza (back) Everyone wins this way!

With the survival of week one, I’ve learned even in the rural-ist of places there are plenty of vegan-friendly options, you just have to be creative, resourceful and open-minded enough to search for them. Also, I have enjoyed the experimentation of cooking different vegan dishes and being able to analyze ways to make them taste even better (I’m a nerd, don’t judge.) With that being said, I really do miss my cowboy boots.

Alright week two, let’s do this!! David and I appreciate all of you following on our adventure so far and all the great advice you’ve left us on our blogs or on Twitter at #DandDgovegan. Be sure and check out his blog at as he talks about the difficulties of being a traveling vegan, and milking turtles.

9 responses to “Vegan Nazi and the Eating Out Chronicles”

  1. Every now and then when I’m out in Eastern Oregon, I’ll find the nearest steakhouse and ask for the tofu ribeye. Always good for a smile. I give you lots of credit for trying it out for a couple weeks. I’ve never lasted longer than one meal, myself., Beef is what’s for dinner at my city table, and I fully expect it always to be what’s for dinner.

    1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
      High Heels & Shotgun Shells

      Lol! Thank you, and thank you for all the backup with your comments on my previous post. Before this project I had never lasted past one meal either, but pure hard headedness and not doing this experiment alone is what is getting me through.
      As someone who works in agriculture, I’m thankful to both farmers and ranchers for helping bring the ribeye (when I’m not vegan) to my plate, as well as the salad before it. 😉
      I know all my beef industry followers are thankful to you and your family for the support.

      1. My problem with vegan cuisine, if you can call it that, is the lack of flavor. There’ll be this or that side dish that’ll be fine, but as an entire meal I find it unsatisfying as all get-out.

        Me, being a native Midwesterner now transplanted to the West Coast, I tend to take things as they come without worrying too much about the label, which is to say that if I liked vegan food I’d have no trouble saying so, and in fact shouting it from the rooftops. But I rarely like it, although I’d also say that if I’m on a road trip I’ll scarf down Subway veggie foot-longs as a way of not getting fat.

        But those are more fuel than food. For actual dinners, I’m about 75% beef and the rest a mixture of fish, chicken, and the occasional pork or lamb. And quite frankly, I’ve never known a long-term vegan who didn’t look to one degree or another like death warmed over and have a nervous disposition.

        As for the ranchers, without being even wordier than I am, I’ll just say that I’ve been spending a bunch of time out in the country in the past few years, having had a friend introduce me to the fantastic scenery of Oregon’s “dry side” east of the Cascades. Can’t pass a ranch without thinking, “Ah, dinner. It’s walking around out there.”

        Plenty of city folks don’t know the details of how it’s done, but we’re sure grateful for the food. I get my beef directly from the rancher. He makes twice as much, I pay half as much, and no one weeps for the middleman! Anyway, I like your blog, and have a great day out in America the Beautiful. We’ve got a great thing going in this country, huh?

  2. Christian Williams Avatar
    Christian Williams

    Was the dough from the pizza Vegan friendly?

    1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
      High Heels & Shotgun Shells

      According to PETA… it’s supposed to be. So I hopefully didn’t mess that up.

  3. Just now figuring out the David/Daniel thing – I thought your Someone was doing the vegan challenge too. #buzzardfeelsdumb

    1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
      High Heels & Shotgun Shells

      Oh Brandi, don’t feel dumb. It IS confusing… I’ve been trying to distinguish the difference between the two, but since David has been a frequent flyer on HH&SS and I just recently exposed my creepers to Daniel, I don’t expect anyone to immediately figure it all out.

      But nope, Daniel—My Someone—Backpack Boy—Vegan Nazi, is just an against his will/along for the ride participant of Project Vegan.

  4. […] make sure everything else is vegan, and you can just pick out the chicken,” she said. Yesterday I mentioned how awesome my mom was this past weekend by adjusting family dinners so that I… For those of you who may be thinking my mother is the type to cater to everyone’s needs when […]

  5. I swear I’ll figure it out soon 🙂

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