Mind Blown

Okay, slight break from my impending vegan adventure. I have a story to share.

I recently broke the news that I have a “someone,” for those of you who hadn’t figured it out, or may be slightly confused, “My Someone” is Yoda’s brother.

I met My Someone for the first time on Sept. 29 2012, during the OSU vs. Texas A&M game.

Or so I thought…

Last night as I was making the trek home from the Kansas Soybean Expo, through the middle of nothingness Kansas, it hit me.

Like a brick wall…

Like a dodge ball when you’re the last person in…

Like a deer to the front end of my car…
(Okay, I’ll stop now.)

Oh. My. Gosh. I’ve known him for a LONG time.

We are from two different states, attended two different universities, majored in two different fields of study, and are two years apart in age. However, Fall 2010, I had transferred from a junior college to Oklahoma State. Daniel (Oh yeah, so that’s his actual name) was attending Oklahoma State on some kind of semester exchange program from Murray.

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I’d make my way to Ag Hall for my Ag Policy class. I sat in the back of the room so maybe the instructor wouldn’t notice me and I wouldn’t be called on. It was a big classroom and the aisles were narrow. There was this guy who sat in the same row as me near the front who ALWAYS sat his backpack in the aisle. Being the graceful individual I am, I tripped over said backpack, twice a week, for most of the semester.

It annoyed me. 1. Dude, get your backpack out of the walkway 2. I know it’s going to be there WHY can’t I seem to get by it without tripping. He never said anything, he would just try to move his bag, while I would trip, blush bright red, laugh nervously, mumble “whoops” and head to the back of the classroom.

To make matters worse one day we were all divided into groups of 4 for an extra credit project. Guess who was assigned to the same group as me, backpack boy.

Those of us in the group began to make introductions. “Daniel Hayden,” he said. “Hey how ’bout that! My name is Danielle,” I blurted out. …and that was it, the only interaction I had with this individual. Until I unknowingly met him again two years later.

Isn’t it crazy how paths can cross and unbeknownst to us intertwine and not even realize it?! I obviously didn’t remember all this at first, My Someone helped me piece together the Ag Policy adventure and was the first to jog my memory of my weekly (lack-of) gracefulness.

In his words, “You were five seats behind me for months, but it took two years and you being eight hours away for me to finally find you.” He says sweet stuff like that …and you know what, I actually don’t mind.

Have you had a “small world,” “holy cow,” “no way Jose” “they were there the WHOLE time,” moment before? If so, I want to hear about it!

Side note: I’m not “That girl” the one who is mushy and sweet and blows up everyone’s news feed with love sonnets. My family will tell you I have a black hole for a heart, I’m not sure what’s happened here. I, Danielle Beard, do solemnly swear to try and keep the twitterpaited posts to a minimum. But with that being said…

7 responses to “Mind Blown”

  1. Dear Danielle……..You have NEVER had a black hole for a heart. You have one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. You are also the most giving person, Ive met to date. Love you to the moon and back!! ; )

  2. The youtube clip at the end just made this post go from awww to epic!

    1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
      High Heels & Shotgun Shells

      Lol thank you! 🙂

  3. My “small world/special someone” experience: While I was in high school, every time I came up to Stillwater to check out OSU or attend new student orientation etc., my family would stay at the Hampton…. turns out Cole was working the front desk and was the cute guy that always flirted with me when we checked in.

  4. […] to get himself into though, because not only does he get to hear me talk about it 24/7, David, as I’ve mentioned before, is My Someone’s brother, so he gets to hear both sides of Project Vegan… since the beginning… every day… […]

  5. […] my busiest day of the week, hands down. Add in the fact I had a 3 a.m. wake up call in order to get My Someone to the Tulsa airport by 6 a.m., by the time I left work at 5:30 I was exhausted, to say the […]

  6. […] this lesson of the ride we call life, he sent me Daniel, and from the moment I was left sitting next to him in the bleachers of Boone Pickens Stadium during […]

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