From where I stood: A year’s time

Ever have those reflective moments, of wow, things have changed?

I’ve had quite a few of those over the past few months, but the one that really struck me, happened this past Thursday.

Last week I had the opportunity to represent Farm Talk Newspaper (My place of employment) at the American Royal, for the Livestock Publication’s Council’s (LPC, if you will) Speed Networking event. This event gives college students a chance to interact with industry professionals in order to possibly secure future employment, internships, or just gain advice on interviewing and applying for “the real world.”

I was there as a “Professional” sent to mold the minds of the young and impressionable, and help solider them up for the cold hard adult world. Actually, that last part is false, I was more or less there to beg for freelance writers and offer advice.

And while we are at it, I should probably level with you further, I just graduated college 6 months ago. So these “young impressionable minds” I was working with were, in fact near (if not) the same age as me.

As I sat there, spilling my piece and offering advice I couldn’t help but see the irony of the whole situation.

Exactly a year ago, I was the student, sitting at those very same tables, eagerly looking for a job and worrying about the Features story I had due within the next few days, “I’m open to anything really, except writing, only because I’m horrible at it.” I remember saying. I walked away that night with new contacts, and potential job offers. What more could a girl have wanted?

This was the photo I posted on my Facebook a year ago before attending LPC’s Speed Networking as a student. I had captioned it, Kansas City: Operation grown up job. Let’s do this! If eagerness had earned “A’s” I would’ve been an honor’s student.

And now, a year later, here I was, the same place, same event. Except on a different side, living in a different state, (slightly) more experienced, (slightly) wiser, oh and as a writer for a living. Go figure.

Me, in professional mode. Notice the intense talking with my hands moment going on here, I was obviously filling this girl’s head with life changing ideas and advice… or I was saying how much I love Hereford cows. Same thing, right?! Photo credit: LPC

So as I listened to each “kid” spill their piece about what they would bring to a job or internship, I couldn’t help but smirk when one said, “I don’t know, I’m open to about anything, except writing. I’m not real good at it.”


3 responses to “From where I stood: A year’s time”

  1. My face is JUST beyond the left edge of this photograph. That is hilarious.

    Also, you stole the words from me regarding my thoughts on this. I didn’t get to attend LPC Speed Networking last year BUT I was an ACT member.

  2. I just feel the news to express how proud I am of you! You are such a hard worker!

  3. Ok, that’s supposed to say need.

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