Bear with me here…

You might have noticed it’s been a while since my last post? I mean we’re talking somewhere in the ball park of 11 days of being MIA, but when I created this blog, I went in with the intentions of posting at least once a week.

Well despite good intentions, and plenty of writing ideas, sometimes life interferes with technology. My work life and lack of computer access have kept me away from blogging. Yes, I have a laptop, but it’s currently broken and waiting for the day I figure out how to install the new part I purchased. (Don’t hold your breath on that happening anytime soon.)

My name is what? My name is what? Slim Shady. Actually Farm Talk “branded” me with my God-given name… but my corny pop culture reference is much more fun.

Don’t you fret though! I have no intentions on throwing in the blogging towel anytime soon, however my ability to actually post will be sketchy for the entire month of October. As I have now survived Ozark Fall Farmfest, my Colorado vacation is quickly approaching and I will be out of touch with society yet again.

The event was a success! I’m still in zombie mode today to prove it.

Did you really need to waste all your time reading this incessant rambling… No. But for all you grammar Nazi’s out there, you may have noticed my title says “Bear” and instead of “Bare”

I’m going to Colorado… most likely will be hiking… in the mountains… there’s bears in the mountains. I’m not saying I’m scared of bears, BUT with the group of friends I’m going with, I’m the slowest runner. Hinds sight 20-20, I figure I’m increasing my chances of “death by bear” immensely.

Hopefully Colorado bears got the memo that October is NATIONAL PORK MONTH, and will be chomping down on bacon or ham instead of little green-eyed brunette’s.

Yeah I definitely celebrate National Pork Month… Blue & Gold style.

It’s probably a little far-fetched that the bears will know, but now YOU know it’s National Pork Month, so go celebrate with a pork chop. While your at it, go check out Yoda’s post about this happiest of celebrations on his site, Farming America, and be sure to enter his giveaway for a chance to win products from the National Pork Board or Kansas Pork Association.

One response to “Bear with me here…”

  1. Ok, so I am just now catching up on reading your blogs. If I would have read this before Colorado I would have suggested that we have a race… then we would really know who that bear would have snacked on. I’m pretty sure you would have won because I was worn out when we got back from hiking, and if I remember correctly you were the one who ran back up the other side of the mountain and to the truck while I was gasping for air.

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