Camo Friday: Say hello to Snickers!

So I’ve had it in my mind for a little while to start a series that features other people, things, animals, ideas, that represent the “essence’ behind my blog. Camo Friday’s was something I occasionally did on Instagram, but wanted to go bigger.

A couple of weeks ago I was skimming through my Instagram feed and came across this picture:Everyone say hello to Snickers, and my very first Camo Friday guest!!

Yes, that’s a dog with a shotgun shell in his mouth. Need I say more? Probably not, because you all can see why I was drawn to this like a moth to a porch light, but I’m going to tell you more anyway.

Snickers is a Boykin Spaniel and belongs to Daniel Hayden, of Philpot, Kentucky. The original caption he put with this photo was, “Looks like somebody’s ready to hunt!”

I’ll let Daniel tell you a little about Snickers in his own words: “He’s about a year and a half old, I originally had his full brother, however he had an accident and broke his hind right leg. Causing it to fuse the knee joint preventing him from swimming, which is what he’s suppose to do. A guy we knew had Snickers and was just going to have him as a pet. (They’re entirely too high energy to not have a job.) I offered to buy snickers, but the man wouldn’t sell him, that is until Snickers started running out in the road, so I got him!”

“He was six moths old when I brought him home. I took him everywhere on the farm. I use to train cattle dogs but not retrievers, so I taught him all the obedience you could want, and then sent him to a trainer for 3-4 months to teach him hand signals for retrieving. I got him back in early July and he is awesome!”

“This is my first hunting season with him, so it’s in the works. What’s great about him is I can talk to him like a person, I’ll ask if he’s hungry and he’ll run to the sack of feed, then run in his cage and stand at his bowl. I can also tell him which truck to jump in. Snickers LOVES the back of the truck!”

Admit it, you smiled. A cute dog happily smiling in the back of a truck should make anyone smile.

Daniel, who farms full time alongside his dad on their family farm in western Kentucky, says that waterfowl season is, “mine and Snickers season.” It’s easy to see that he definitely loves his dog.

Thanks Daniel, for letting Snickers be the first star of Camo Friday!!!!

Be sure to pass along the “Camo Friday” word, so maybe you or someone you know can be featured next. Comment below or contact me, my information is under “Cajun Born, Okie Raised.”

Until next time!

4 responses to “Camo Friday: Say hello to Snickers!”

  1. I had to smile……..Snickers reminds me of all the Darby Boykin Spaniels: Lady, Teal, and Rush. There will never be another Teal, a true Champion trained with love. These little, brown dogs, (the South Carolina State Dog), are all heart when it comes to retrieving birds!!! : )

    1. Loving the name of that Champion, Mama Michele! 😉 tehe!

      1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
        High Heels & Shotgun Shells

        Oh Kristy… Lol!

  2. […] (Don’t judge me.) •Have Oliver groomed once a month for 6 months straight •Have Snickers groomed once every 3 months for a year •Have a barn cat •Buy either a Scottish Highlander or a […]

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