Killin’ Birds and Cowboy Football

It’s beginning to look like my favorite time of year… Fall.

Cooler weather

Oklahoma State Football season has started

Hunting seasons are opening, making my favorite male eye candy—camo clad—easier to spot.

Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are back at Starbucks.

This year however, things feel a little off. A few months ago an uncle of mine was taken from this world too soon. It’s been a very emotional time for my family, to say the least.

Here lately though my Uncle Chris has been on my mind even more.

September 1st was opening day for dove season in Oklahoma as well as Oklahoma State’s first football game.

My Uncle, Aunt, and two cousins are residents of the state of South Carolina so seeing them wasn’t something that happened often, but for my uncle and I Okstate football and bird hunting seasons was how we bonded.

Since he, as well, was an Oklahoma State Alumni, we both shared the same love for America’s brightest orange. After almost every home game last season, he would text me so we could discuss the game, then after Bedlam and becoming Big 12 champs, I could practically feel his excitement as he asked me about the game.

Me standing next to the torn down goal post after storming the field on Bedlam

“I got to storm the field Uncle Chris!!!! It. Was. The. Most. Incredible. Thing. Ever!!!!” I said.

“I’m so jealous, if I had been there I would’ve stormed it with you,” he responded.

“Well too bad you weren’t, you could’ve gotten me out of trouble. Mom’s ready to tan my hide for that stunt,” I had told him.

“Don’t worry about your mom, I’ll talk to her. I’m so proud of you!!!” He said.

During various hunting seasons, (dove, quail, duck, geese) our conversations were always about how the hunting was in South Carolina and Oklahoma, how Chad (my cousin) and him were fairing on bird killing, and how my filming/photography was going (this is my contribution to hunting season… camera woman).

Uncle Chris and Crude

I could practically kick myself everyday for erasing all my text messages this spring, there is no way I could have known how precious those conversations would become to me.

This past weekend I attended my first at home Oklahoma State football game for the season. There was no text that followed after the game.

Even though I knew there wouldn’t be, it broke my heart… again.

Cherish every moment you have with the people the your life. Make memories. Laugh. Love. Cry. Hug. Be silly. Do the unexpected. But most importantly, live. Life is short and everyday is a gift.

So Uncle Chris even though I’m sure you have great seats to watch in Heaven, OSU kicked some Ragin’ Cajun butt, and from the looks of Facebook, Chad’s holding his own pretty well this season. Oh… and we all miss you.

I think it’s safe to say Chad made it rain… Geese. (I hope you don’t mind I borrowed this pic Aunt Susan)

5 responses to “Killin’ Birds and Cowboy Football”

  1. Yes……We all miss you SO MUCH!!!! I think of you every single day, but you already knew that. I even smile and laugh sometimes. “Precious memories”, that’s what Dad said last week while I was reminiscing about you. Thank you for being such a wonderful Uncle and role model for my girls!!! You were the BEST and your memory lives on. Love you more……….. Thank you, Danielle, I loved reading about your special bond with your Uncle Chris. ❤

  2. Precious Memories, Indeed ! ! THANK YOU, Cowboy(Cowgirl) Grand Daughter ! Every home game I envision Chris sitting in HIS Sky Box in Heaven and evaluating ever ” snap of the ball ” and rejoicing every win! NO. pre/post game days will never be the same again – – – until I get a pass to his Box Seat.

  3. Very nice story Danielle!! I know it was probably a hard one to write!
    Love you!!

    1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
      High Heels & Shotgun Shells

      Thank you Julie, and yes it’s hard to type with tear drops splashing on your keyboard.
      Love you too!

  4. You’re amazing, young lady. Thanks for making me laugh and cry (all at the same time) harder than I have in awhile. Jesse’s looking at me like I’m a freak of nature.

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