Team Roping & Slack like Peas and Carrots

I started my morning off like this…

Which prompted my need to answer. Sometimes my vague tweets need explanation, and sometimes it takes a lot more than 140 characters to do so.

I’ve been to over a hundred rodeos and have put more rodeo miles on my car then most people put on their vehicles in the entire time they own it. These are both facts, not exaggerations. However I’ve never actually competed in any rodeo event… ever. (I’ve always wanted to do Cowboy Mounted Shooting, it’s my favorite.) You see, I almost married a Bullrider once. Also, another fun fact about myself. The weekends of two years of my life were spent traveling to rodeos in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas.

Now while I can say I loved every minute of spending my weekends in the stands at various rodeo grounds across the four states, there are two things I was not a big fan of: Team Roping and Slack. It became a joke among Bullrider’s family about my favorite event, “Team Roping” or staying for the slack, “just for me.” Since Bullriding is the last event in a rodeo, I always had to sit through the team roping and usually part of the slack while waiting for Bullrider to appear in the stands after the rodeo.

(Slack, for any of you who may not know, is kind of the “overflow” of the rodeo. For all the contestants who didn’t get drawn in the main event. It’s mainly calf roping and team roping, and occasionally barrel racing.)

Enter 2012 with me, Bullrider and I went our separate ways, my love for rodeo stayed. Also, throw in the that Best Friend comes from a rodeo family, and one of my family’s friends is a well-known Team Roper.

Yup, I said it… Team Roper.

So, last night I put on my boots and headed to the next town over from Middle-Of-Corn, Kansas to sit in lawn chairs beside the arena with the Crow family, and watch Terry rope.

Supporting my Cajun roots at the Oswego Rodeo last night. A girl can never have to many pairs of boots. I promise, it’s not possible.

However, his name wasn’t drawn into the main rodeo, so you can imagine the look on my face when reading the draw on the internet at work yesterday, and realizing I was heading to the rodeo for the sole purpose of watching the slack.

…and on the 8th day God created rodeo arenas, and it was good.

As I jabbered away to Julie about my job and random life thoughts through the barrel racing and bullriding, it struck me how much time changes things, but yet in a lot of ways stays the same.

This drought is making an already dusty arena, a whole new level of dusty.

I can say I actually enjoy Team Roping now (if any of Bullrider’s family is reading this, I know… Hell has frozen over.) and I even didn’t mind staying for the slack, at all. (Double whammy.)

Two seconds after this, Julie and I received a “Rodeo Arena Dirt Bath,” guess that’s what happens when you’re more focused being hugged up next to the fence to take pictures instead of paying attention to how close this crew is getting.

One thing about staying for the slack, it runs late. So I’m sipping on half a pot of coffee while formatting news for work this morning. In my sleepy state, I’m looking through my photos from last night and  I feel I should tell my readers that this was my first time to attempt running horse and swinging rope photos… in the dark. It’s a work in progress, that I’m trying to quickly improve, I’ve had several requests for my photographer presence at weekly calf ropings around Middle-Of-Corn, Kansas but refuse to let someone pay me for a job unless I know I am ready for it. That being said, any advice or tips on action or night photography is greatly appreciated.

Happy Wednesday ❤ Dani B.

3 responses to “Team Roping & Slack like Peas and Carrots”

  1. That will make a lump in your throat and a tear to the eye. I went to the arena on a pillow when I was about ten days old. My Dad was in the bull riding and bareback riding. Have always loved it. Enjoyed every rodeo mile we made together girl. Thank you for the good words. You have a natural talent. God Bless!

    1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
      High Heels & Shotgun Shells

      Thank you Quincy. I enjoyed every rodeo mile with y’all as well, thank you to your family for making such a huge impact on my life. 🙂

  2. Hey there – found your blog thanks to the Rustic Chick – really enjoyed this post! I’ve spent many a night at the rodeo. My husband works with a stock contractor. We’ve spent many a long day/night at Pro shows, and high school rodeos!

    I’m in the same boat – would love to be a rodeo photographer – I am not ready and really want to learn how to use my camera correctly. And I loved that you had a link to Aaron Watson! – Great singer!

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