“He’s a duck hunter…”

As a recently once-again single woman of 22, to say my friends sounded the “Dani’s Single Siren” and have taken the opportunity to try and set me up with their selection of eligible men would be an understatement.

Being that I’ve never been fond on the idea of rebounding, relationship hopping or accepting a date invitation based solely on the idea of “Oh well it’s a free dinner.” I have done my best to politely fend off these advancements.

However, I’m beginning to notice a trend…

It almost never fails when a friend starts to tell me about the prince charming they’ve discovered for me it ends up going a little like this:

Friend: So me and (other friend) were talking and you really need to meet (We’ll call these men P.C short for “Prince Charming”)

Me: *Monotone voice* Oh yeah?

Friend: Yeah, I mean <insert usual build-up of what a nice, funny, sweet guy P.C. is and what a good family P.C. comes from> AND he’s a duck hunter.

Okay, let me say I wouldn’t have dedicated a blog post to this topic if it was a one time conversation. No, this same dialogue is turning into the Groundhog Day of dating conversations. Over and over and from a variety of friends I keep hearing the same thing.

When I first picked up on this pattern, I wondered how in the world I had become stereotyped into “Duck Hunter Dream Girl.”

Well I don’t know if it was five gallon bucket of shotgun shells by my garage door, the box of 22 Remington’s laying on my Victoria’s Secret catalog, the 30 minute conversation I had with my boss over Duck Dynasty, or the realization that my four best guy friends as well as quite a few of my former flames are avid waterfowlers, but it gradually dawned on me why I’ve developed this reputation.

For the time being there’s a good chance I will continue to turn down the requests of double dates with friends, but I feel like it should be known I’m NOT prejudiced against other forms of outdoors men.

My stance has been and still is “I can’t date a guy girly-er than me.” If you can’t picture what kind of P.C. this brings, take the lyrics from Eric Church’s “Guy’s like me” or Luke Bryan’s “Country man” and you’ll have it.

That being said, there’s probably a high chance someday further down the road I’ll marry someone very similar to Jase Robertson


Until next time!

5 responses to ““He’s a duck hunter…””

  1. Oh girl don;’t rush enjoy life. True love will come when your not expecting or shearching for it. Just look at me and your Uncle Eddie it took him 30 years to find and catch me (ha ha) Oh and by the way we met at the hospital visiting our Moms that was luckly in the same room.Love ya girl

    1. highheelsandshotgunshells Avatar

      Lol don’t worry I’m in no rush. I just try to find the humor in every curve ball life throws. I also don’t know very much about baseball so I probably just butchered that. It will all happen in God’s time I’m certain. Love you too, thank you for always being there with the positive advice for me. 🙂

  2. Ahhh take it as a compliment? You “aint no yuppie girl” haha!

    1. High Heels & Shotgun Shells Avatar
      High Heels & Shotgun Shells

      Haha no… I’m definitely not yuppie.

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