You’ve got to start somewhere right?

Well here goes nothin’!

I’ve never been great at starting things. As a person who is somewhat commitment shy, it takes quite a bit of time for me to decide on how to begin, just in case I’m stuck with it forever. Forever is a scary word people. So basically, I’ve been writing and deleting this beginning blog post since the beginning of April, (I know, serious commitment issues, right?) waiting for the inspirational writing muse to overtake my keyboard and load this post with blog greatness.

Well that muse must have missed the turn to Middle-of-Corn, KS because he never showed up. How then you might wonder did I finally make myself sit and write this? Well even if you’re not wondering, you’ve read to this point so I’m going to tell you anyway… I’m supposed to be writing something else.

Yup, that’s it, no pizzazz, fireworks, or rhinestones to this, just pure procrastination, and since we are now on the subject I feel it’s time you know I am a writer and photographer by occupation. “Oh sweet biscuits and gravy! They pay her to do this?” you may be thinking. Well you would be correct, (Not this blog, it’s more of a personal outlet I guess) I am the associate editor for Farm Talk Newspaper. It’s somewhat like being a “jack-of-all-journalism,” there’s writing, editing, photo capturing, social media-ing, excessive coffee drinking and corny joke telling all rolled up with agriculture icing spread across the top. My hopes for this blog are to show the cold hard nitty-gritty TRUTH behind agriculture, along with my thoughts and on-goings in this very random ever-changing life I lead. Stayed tuned, it’s about to get western.

…and with that, I do believe my alfalfa writing muse has shown up, so it’s back to work I go. Until next time.

Beard out.

9 responses to “You’ve got to start somewhere right?”

  1. Shirley Hudson Avatar
    Shirley Hudson

    Sounds like or reads like you are off to a good start! Keep up the good work Danielle!

  2. Good job!!!! I will look forward to more reading material!!!

  3. Just love you to pieces. Keep it up I will
    enjoy every word.

  4. Pure awesomeness! So proud of you! I’m excited to read more!

  5. This is going to be fun! Go Danielle!!

  6. congrats on the new blog. Let me know if I can help you with anything. You are off to a great start.

    1. highheelsandshotgunshells Avatar

      Thank you, I will definitely do that. I checked out both your twitter account and blog, it was very helpful!

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